Homeopathy is part of what is called "alternative medicine" as is phytotherapy. Indeed, homeopathic medicines can currently treat many ailments and are very much appreciated by French citizens. But why? Because they are natural products.

Homeopathy: what illnesses can be treated?

The principle of homeopathy is that "the body can heal itself". The aim of the treatment is then to stimulate this capacity. Thus, it does not consider the cause of the disease. Homeopathy can indeed cure and relieve many illnesses, namely: different types of rheumatism and bone disorders (osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc.), back pain (low back pain, pain after an accident or injury), sleep disorders, migraines and headaches, skin diseases (acne, abscesses, eczema, etc.) and other illnesses.), gynaecological disorders (cysts, fibroma, vaginitis, menstrual pain, etc.), viral or microbial infections (flu, otitis, etc.), respiratory diseases (asthma, pneumonia, etc.), and other conditions.), menopausal disorders, sexual dysfunctions (erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, etc.), prostate diseases, conjunctivitis, burns and bites, vision and hearing disorders, allergies (food and respiratory), diseases of the urinary system, kidney disorders, diseases of the digestive system, autoimmune diseases, circulation disorders, blood diseases (such as poor blood circulation) and heart diseases. Homeopathic treatment is also effective in infants and children who have developmental disorders such as delayed dentition, slow speech, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, etc. In fact, some medications promote weight loss, such as dietary supplements and natural antioxidants. Finally, psychological and mental disorders also fall within the scope of homeopathy (anxiety, phobia, mental fatigue, panic attacks, depression, etc.).

But why turn to homeopathy?

Homeopathy is increasingly appealing to the French. But why is that? Because the products are made from natural ingredients. Moreover, they are easy to take since they are available in drops, beads or powder and there are no contraindications or side effects. This way, anyone can take them, even children and pregnant women. Also, they do not interfere with allopathic treatments. Also, the risk of dependency following the taking of the remedies is almost nil. Moreover, these products are sold only in pharmacies or specialized shops. They are therefore reliable. In any case, you can buy them without a prescription. If you wish to treat some common illnesses, you will not need to consult a doctor: to treat burns, to supplement an iron deficiency, to relieve flu symptoms, to fight against stress, etc. In addition, homeopathic medicines do not attack the immune system like conventional medicines. Finally, if it is a doctor who has prescribed the treatment, then homeopathy will be reimbursed by Social Security up to 30%.

Good to know!

Not all pathologies can be treated with homeopathy. Indeed, it is ineffective for some diseases: thyroid, kidney failure, cancer, etc. It is therefore necessary to consult a doctor to be sure! Ditto, one should be patient because the results take longer. Homeopathic medicines have obtained a marketing authorization, just like traditional medicines. They are therefore legal products. We would like to point out that in France, only health professionals can prescribe homeopathic medicines. In the case of a chronic illness, it is better to go to a homeopath to get a good remedy. Beware! Even for a similar illness, the treatment is personalized.