Published on : 22 January 20202 min reading time

You want to get away for a week with friends but don’t necessarily have a large wallet? Find a list of some affordable destinations. In addition to the unavoidable Maghreb countries, new destinations little known until now offer increasingly attractive prices.

Tunisia: It is the most popular destination of the French. It has a large hotel complex on its coast and in Djerba and is only a few hours away by plane. You can find there offers for one week all-inclusive at 250 euros and enjoy the Mediterranean climate. Even if you book at the last minute you will find room.

Morocco: The country has a large capacity and therefore particularly low calling rates. For as little as 300€ per person, you can find stays of three or four nights, in an all-inclusive formula.

Turkey: the country is trying to seduce holidaymakers again, who are becoming scarce following recent events. To do so, it is multiplying promotional offers and discount prices. For Istanbul, you can find offers at less than 300€ in a breakfast formula.

Montenegro: an alternative to Croatia, which is still trendy, but taken over by holidaymakers, Montenegro allows you to indulge in both cultural and seaside tourism. It is a destination still preserved. In the spring, a seven-night stay in a three-star hotel, including the plane, costs an average of 350€ per person.

Cape Verde: If you need to fly several hours to feel like you’re on holiday, head for Cape Verde. The destination is attractive almost all year round (except in September), and the prices are particularly attractive. For a week in all inclusive, however, you will have to count a little more than for the closest destinations to France: about 700€ per person.